Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankfulness Revisited

So the past couple years I've spent the month of November posting things I'm thankful for.  I find around the Holidays especially it's easy to overlook the positives in life that we should be grateful for.  Every day I post something, be it big or little, funny or serious, to remind myself (and others) that nothing should be taken for granted.  This year will be no different, and since I've missed November 1st already, I'll go ahead and post two things today.  We'll get started with the big two.  =)

I'm thankful for my husband, Wade.  He's the better half of me, and through our four years of marriage (and counting!) he's been the most supportive, caring and constant part of my life.  I feel lucky every day that my life was blessed with him.  =)

I'm also thankful for my family, especially my mom and dad.  I had a great, secure and loving childhood that continues into adulthood.  They raised me with discipline (which I become more thankful for every day seeing children that haven't been!), honor and love and I hope that I have made them proud with the person I have become.  There are so many children out there who never know the kind of childhood I had, and I know it wasn't always easy for my parents to provide.  Thank you.  =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Fire

That's what it seems, but really it's just another amazing Texas sunset...

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Tidbits from the Garden

Wandering through Lowe's the other day and I came across some fairly well neglected African Violets for sale...  It's been a while since I've had inside plants as our cats make it fairly hard to do, but with the sunroom now actually converted into a real sunroom, I thought it might be nice to get back to some of the indoor gardening I used to love so much.  Of course, back then I let the violets take over, and did a lot of propagation from leaf cuttings and whatnot, but I'm sure I can keep myself under control....right? right?

These are "my ladies" this morning after I had spent some time grooming them and whatnot - they looked TONS better than they had when I brought them home yesterday...

I made my own potting mix using Sphagnum Peat, Vermiculite and Perlite - found some violet self-watering pots at Calloway's this afternoon and went to work - got them all re-potted and they are happily soaking up the sun and warmth in the sunroom.

I actually ordered some miniature violets plus wicking pots for them to go in from The Violet Barn in New York this afternoon.  Some hybrid varieties the growers have come up with themselves.

 Rob's Boondoggle

 Rob's Chilly Willy

 Rob's Fuddy Duddy

Rob's Mad Cat

I'm really interested to see how they package the whole plants for shipping, and also to see if the miniatures are as easy to propagate as the larger varieties.  Maybe I'll have some nice gifts for friends in a few months.  =)

Meanwhile, the gardens are doing wonderfully with this cooler weather, and I need to start cataloging what I have that is perennial and what will die here pretty soon that I'll have to replace in the Spring.  Got ideas for building a small greenhouse, but that's probably a springtime project as well.  I'm also looking at building a raised bed to do some different gardening techniques using potted Plumerias in the spring as well.  There's a local grower here in Garland that I'm hoping to get some tips and starter plants from.

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed the flowers!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sorting with Rossi today

Had a great day sorting with my filly Rossi today - this was my first time to ride her around cows and she really behaved well for me!  I wasn't sure what to expect when we got there as she was all nervous energy and attitude, but as soon as I stepped into the saddle, she settled down and worked really well.

I wasn't sure what to expect from her, so I didn't originally plan on taking her in with the cows, but she settled so quickly I decided to give it a shot.  She really seemed to enjoy herself, no fear of the cows whatsoever.  In fact, she started tracking them fairly quickly.  No shennanigans in the pen or even outside waiting.

She was fascinated by the small white/black goat they had in a small pen by the arena.  It was digging a hole and rolling around on its back and she just wasn't sure what he was or what he was doing.  She kept an eye on him with interest, but never spooked or acted afraid.

Starting to think this mare is one-in-a-million.  ;-)